Essential and Secondary Hypertension Causes – What is the Difference?

Essential and Secondary Hypertension Causes

Often when I meet with patients they ask me what's the difference between primary

pulmonary hypertension and secondary pulmonary hypertension basically primary pulmonary

hypertension is this disease with no underlying cause it's a disease in and of itself it comes in

two forms that we know of now one is called familial and this is a disease that runs in families

and the second form is called idiopathic idiopathic is a medical term meaning we don't know

what the cause is of unknown cause and it occurs sporadically throughout the population much

more so in women than in men secondary pulmonary hypertension is high blood pressure or

high pressure in the pulmonary vessels due to some other underlying disease the most

common causes being emphysema bronchitis chronic obstructive pulmonary disease but

people cause COPD disease of the heart particularly heart valve disease the valve between the

 left atrium and the left ventricle is called the mitral valve and if that valve leaks where if that

 valve doesn't open normally it can cause over time increasing pressure in the lungs resulting

in the same picture other common causes of secondary pulmonary hypertension are a disease

called pulmonary embolism and this is a disease caused by blood clots coming from some other

 place in the body usually the legs or often during pregnancy in the pelvis that come up

through the vena cava which is a vain that drains blood back from the legs and the abdomen

 and also from the upper body back into the heart and these blood clots can travel up through

this vein through the right side of the heart and get impacted in the lungs in the lung vessels

and if this occurs repeatedly or if a large enough amount of blood clot occurs in the lung it

basically stops up the vessels and pressure begins to rise in order to get blood through the lungs

there are a number of other forms of disease that are also more common in women called

connective tissue diseases and I think we touched on this a bit earlier the most common is

systemic lupus but there are other forms of this type of disease rheumatoid arthritis is another common one that can cause pulmonary hypertension in the lungs. Next Are Blood Clots in Leg Different than Blood Clots in Heart?

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