How to Whiten Teeth The Right Way: 6 Proven Homemade Recipes

How to Whiten Teeth

In today's article  I'm going to be sharing a very powerful DIY teeth whitener and stay till the end to see a before and after alright my love

so before we start I just wanted to remind you to give this video a big thumbs up letting me

know you want to see more DIYs and beauty hacks like this

to start off with this amazing at-home DIY teeth whitening mixture only be needing two

ingredients and strawberries is one of the keys because of its high malic acid content which I'll

 describe later in the video you're also going to need some simple plain baking soda you can

buy this for a few cents at any store and I will explain its benefits in a few also everything you

want to know will be listed in the description below now for our teeth whitener you're only

going to be needing one strawberry because one strawberry contains enough malic acid to

 remove any stain while the seeds can work as exfoliator x' to get rid of yellowness staining

plaque and tartar now once you've picked the perfect strawberry which is not too ripe and not

 too mushy just the perfect red you want to make sure you wash it to get rid of any harmful

pesticides [Music] [Applause] [Music] just dry it off and we're on to the next step now that

our strawberry is all nice and clean what we have to do is take off the stem I use my nail or

you can just cut it with a knife a quick little strawberry hack is if you want to take the stem

out all you have to do is push into the stem with your nail it's never too long and you can just take it out without cutting too much of the good stuff [Music] now that we're done prepping

it's finally time to make the mixture so all you're gonna need is a little bowl a fork and that

strawberry for now to just mash and mush it up this is gonna activate the malic acid it's also

going to extract all of the juice and acidic properties of that strawberry while still keeping the

nutrients [Music] [Applause] once it starts looking at more liquidy it's time for the baking

soda so you're gonna need a good tablespoon of baking soda what the baking soda is going to

 do is work as the whitening agent so it's way less harsh than any whitening strips but it works

just as strong it might not taste the best but it really goes deep into your teeth to take out any

long stains and yellowness by absorbing all of those colors so mixed with the strawberry it

activates a very strong powerful teeth whitener so you just want to stir that in until it gets

super foamy now that everything's mixed in there really good it should look like this and it's

 time to apply it to your teeth so you want to use some sort of disposable toothbrush because

the seeds will get stuck in that toothbrush and you want to set your timer for 10 minutes

because this is a 10-minute process first you want to brush for five minutes and then you want

 to let it sit for five minutes make sure you have a little towel or a napkin because it will get a

little messy [Music] take control just a disclaimer it will cause you to salivate and you'll have a

 lot of extra saliva so do this over a sink or keep a bowl present then you just want to keep

the mixture on your teeth and let it soak in for about five minutes so watch some of my

videos listed below check out my blog go on your phone just wait for five minutes now I

wanted to add I tried this every day for three days and here is my before and after hence why I

have two different shirts all right my love's that was my article today. Next 6 Home Remedies for A Toothache that will Make the Pain go Away

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