How to Treat Cold Sores at Home

How to Treat Cold Sores at Home

Hey guys is Melissa and I have been wanting to do this article for a while I suffer from cold sores or fever blisters whatever you want to call them

uh I've suffered I've suffered from them ever since I was a child my mom she you know she's

always had them it's just something that I get if I get sick or if I have a lot of stress going on

if I spend a lot of time outside in the Sun mainly when I'm sick and if I'm stressed you know

and my immune system is lower so I just kind of I took a lot of notes I've been researching

this stuff these are just like tips and tricks things that I've learned to do and use to really like

get that done fever blister to go away a lot faster so yep so the first signs of a cold sore like

usually you'll get like a tingly feeling you know like right over here or wherever it is you can

even get it on the inside of your mouth you can even get them like right here and into your nose area I know somebody that gets them right in here is crazy um you'll get like a tingly

burning sensation you might feel a little bit of a bump and then like you wake up and it's like I

 am there yard you know the it looks kind of like a blister and it can even you know what I

mean the biggest thing is just don't touch it because the more you touch it the more it's gonna

spread and it's so true when you first get it's like a blister like I said it can be easy and it's uh

it's it's not scap'd over you know so do not touch it it will spread I know I've always known

that but it's so hard not to do it you know and I know it's nasty but it's like sometimes you feel

it with your tongue I mean come on girls let's be real you do that you know I was like it's your favorite blister let me you just want to feel it every nail did you know the biggest thing that

you want to do when it first pops is keep it dry you want to keep that little booger dry it loves

and it grows on a moist warm environment so you want to keep it dry as much as possible it'll

 eventually start to scab like this one is scabbed a couple days ago and it's almost gone and

that's when you know it's healing when you know when that scab forms okay there's ways that

you can draw that that blister out some people say you can use alcohol tea tree oil is the more

natural way to do it just get you a little q-tip put it on your fever blister that can help dry it

out you do not want to be putting these drying agents on a scalped fever blister you want to do

 it when it first comes up and it's still a blister II nasty thing you know I've been given a prescription before like a prescription peel but it made me nauseous and it's a prescription

there's a more natural there is an actual way to do it more natural way and a subscriber told me

this probably two and a half years ago to get the by it the vitamin a licen lysine so I'll have

this link down below but lysine and start taking that now you can find like seen in food

products this is 500 milligrams you can buy thousand milligrams or even I don't know if you

can buy 1500 or more but this pill it's already big at 500 milligrams so I bought the thousand

milligrams before and it was just so big I had to Crudup split it in half you know but this is all I have left I mean I've had this bottle for over a year you want to take a thousand to three

thousand milligrams a day the first sign that you see that that fever blister is coming up tank

so take a thousand in the morning and then a thousand at night or you do 1500 in the

morning and a 1500 milligrams at night just as soon as you feel that little tingle start that

vitamin now you can ask if you get them like once a month you can also do take like a low

dose of lysine am I sign all right here I don't know you can also take like a low dose every day

 you know if 500 milligrams or cut that in half and do 250 milligrams and that can keep you

prevent you from getting cold sores I've read so many testimonies on just a small dose of lice

in lice and lysine every day can prevent the cold sores now you can also eat foods that are

high in licensed Oh foods that are high in lysine is like meats potatoes dairy items such as

milk cheese and yogurt those things are really good for cold sores and it and it provides you

with the license you can start eating that also you can use like a zinc Point mint like what is

that Abreva oh my god that little bitty tube is like $20 I was at Walgreens I saw it I was gonna

 pick it up for you guys to show you but y'all know what it breathe is $40 I'm just going to

take my Weisen eat a lot of dairy products and you know it will go away within a couple days

that is all I have to say about this just yeah keep it dry girls don't touch it keep it dry when it's

a blister and then start using this it's first songs you know when you get that tingly feeling try

to eat yogurts and dairy and that so it really does work this I have a prescription but this

works just as good so yeah I hope this article helped anybody that suffers from fever blisters

they're so ugly and try to discuss them with concealer you know I only makes it look worse so if you get a really bad just take a low dose at the bottom and every day.
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