8 Simple Ways to Reduce Cholesterol

how to lower cholesterol

Handout primarily centered around ways to lower your bad cholesterol or LDL without taking

a statin now statins are many of the prescription drugs that we give these days they lower

cholesterol but many patients find they can't take a statin it causes muscle aches it causes

problems with cold myalgias causes problems with liver function tests many patients are

coming to us now at Mayo and saying upfront I don't want to take a statin which the brand

names are like lipitor zocor Crestor and so we have to come up with things that they can take

 that are not necessarily prescription drugs but have been shown to lower their bad cholesterol

 or lower their LDL without taking a prescription medicine and that works in a considerable

amount of patients it's usually the patient that isn't a diabetic that isn't particularly

overweight ones that have triglycerides and pretty good range that their HDL or good

cholesterol is fairly high and they respond very well to it and the reason is that some of us

absorb a lot of cholesterol in our diet others make a lot of cholesterol in our liver so we're

trying to aim this at people that absorb a lot of cholesterol in their diet because that will help

these medicines help or not the gnarly medicines but these agents help reduce the absorption

of cholesterol and you may say I don't eat much cholesterol but that still is not the point

because we all put out cholesterol from our liver and gallbladder we put that into our gut to

help absorb other fats that are necessary for our daily maintenance of our body and function

and that's the cholesterol we block in those agents that we use primarily are three things one

group is called stanols and sterols now styles and sterols are plant substances and these are all

things that you can buy over the counter their plant substances they come from like pine tree

 bark they have been shown to block the absorption of cholesterol mainly because it binds to

 the same site in your gut where the cholesterol is absorbed and if the sterile or stand all binds

 there you can't absorb other cholesterol that's from animal products so that's a very good

thing it's found you can find it in and natch in nature but you'd have to eat a huge amount of

plants and vegetables and fruits to get it but the you can find it now in things like margarine

there are certain margins are sold in the store like take control light promise active light been

a call light I say light because they have less calories but the all are supplemented with stanols

 and sterols which you put the margarine on your bread or anywhere else you put it potatoes

whatever eating it a couple of times a day a cup like equivalent of a couple of pads of

margarine you can buy this in the store it's right there on the Shelf right next to the normal

stuff you buy out of the tubs usually you'll pay about a dollar for a tub of margarine this is like

 three dollars for a tub pretty cheap and help can be very helpful the second thing we like to

give is you can get it also in like a yogurt you get it in juice we don't encourage those a lot

because they have more calories and more sugar and such so you can get it in pill form too if

you like now what else do we give people we also encourage them to take in things called like

 oat bran now oat bran that's just oatmeal that's just Quaker Oats where they take the oat they

roll it you can take it you can heat it up is in the winter you want to eat a warm cereal the

morning that's good you can sprinkle it raw on your yogurt put it on fruit whatever it actually

 also blocks some of the absorption and the manufacturer a little bit of LDL cholesterol and

then the third thing is something we call soluble fiber now soluble fiber the best one is called

psyllium seed psyllium seed is a sea that they grind up and put in a product like Metamucil now

a lot of people make that you invited all the different stores and the pharmacy it's over-the-counter get some Metamucil or the equivalent and mix it in with some water drink it in the

morning the Metamucil is has the psyllium that's what you need as compared to cellulose

which other agents have that help give bulk to your stool but they don't lower your

cholesterol as well so the this is actually something that is given to people to help them have

 regular bowel movements if they don't help them be a little less regular a little less you know

 loose stools if they are that problem so it's good for most people but also it's the third agent

 that we give that helps lower the absorption of cholesterol in your gut so those three things

together can sometimes lower bad cholesterol 15 to 20 percent which can be quite helpful the

 problem with them is they it's not as easy as taking a pill you got to do something you got to

change your lifestyle we've also found that when people do this they're starting to say gee this

 LDL cholesterol is bad for me I need to address it I need to think about ways to eat different

or run my life different it's a real good thing overall to kind of get patients invested in the

process and I think is people are becoming more and more aware of the of the what we call

the LDL burden that means that your LDL the bad cholesterol that it's not just so important

how high it is but it's how long it's been high and so if you had LDL that's high you know from

your teams and your 20s and your 30s it's silly just to pay attention to it when you're 50 or 60

 or after your first heart attack we need to get it down earlier and there are different ways to

do that obviously like some of the things I just talked about but there are other things too in

that we have the Framingham studies have shown that if you can get your risk factors under

control by age 50 and I mean really good control and that's like blood pressure that's

cholesterol that's smoking that's blood sugar and diabetes if you can get those under control

like no problem with them by age 50 your chance having a heart attack during your lifetime

up to age 70 and even age 90 is markedly reduced in the five to eight percent range that's

incredible when you think that average is 50 60 70 percent of people are going to have heart

disease so we really are pushing that the other thing we push is early on is not so much medicines but lifestyle.Next Steps Guide to Clean Your Arteries

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