How to Get Rid of The Annoying Runny Nose With a Natural Massage

how to get rid of a runny nose
how to get rid of a runny nose via

In this tutorial, I'm going to be teaching you how to get rid of a runny nose now my nose is cleared up because I just did what I'm about to tell you right now about 45 minutes ago and

 I feel great you know I got a little bit but not too much and I'm going to go into depth on

how to do it so what you'll need is a cloth and a hot shower yeah you're probably like what are

 you talking about man I could blow my nose and take some medicine no no all right so what

you want to do is here's the cloth what you're going to want to do is get in the shower - right

you're going to want to get in the shower right you're going to want to put on extra extra hot

while you're in the shower but Devin how do you how do you do that about burning the out of yourself you get to finish um well you see how the shower head is facing this way and it goes

like this well what you got to do is stand behind it so you're going to be standing right here

right now this is a very weird tutorial but it works so just keep listening you don't want to

stand right here and that's the water comes over you put it on really really hot and then when

you go to close this it's going to create a bunch of steam in this because there's no way for to

 get out except for up here and you know most of it won't I know you're going to want to do

is go like this about burning yourself you're going to want to get this like heated up and then

you're going to want to let the steam kind of break all the snot and your nose ball it's like like hotbox with steam and then you're going to want to put this under the hot water put it on

your nose it might burn a little bit but it's going to break everything up and just blow your nose

as hard as you can up to like five to ten times and then just sit in here and let the steam kind

of just break everything out and just keep blowing your nose repeatedly alright um it works

well um you probably already knew about this but if you didn't and you think it's strange do it

anyways you can you can thank me later um that's the way I did it but be careful with your

feet go because if you do it with that really really hot water it's going to come back so you've

 got to kind of spread your feet out a little bit but uh that's about it guys. See also 8 Easy and Natural Ways You Can Beat Anxiety

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