How to Get Rid of Plaque – Step by Step Guide to Plaque Free Teeth

How to Get Rid of Plaque Teeth

Hello, today we talk wasting most of your time I'm going to just jump into teaching you guys how you can take away the plaques between your teeth the plaques between the teeth some

people have naturally clean white teeth but they tend to forget to clean out in between their

 teeth to take out the plaques and some people always forget about taking away the plaques on

their teeth and then this could be very very expensive but if you use this simple trick that I'm

going to teach you right now you are sure to stay away from dentists and to have the most

 amazing teeth out there the first thing we are going to use is we are going to use a sea salt this

 is sea salt will using sea salt we are using baking soda we'll be using fresh lemon yes you must

 have seen these but there is a trick here that you need to understand so that you'll be able to

get the knife so that you'll be able to get the appropriate and the best result that you're

looking forward to so without wasting much of your time we are going to dive into making the

 the solution you need about one teaspoon of baking soda one teaspoon of baking soda unique

 if all measurements this is the salt they are chunky then they are not very fine so sea salt you

 need a one teaspoon of lemon fresh lemon and you wanna mix it together to form a

 toothpaste so after mixing it together you wanna take this you can buy this from your drug

store this is to get between your teeth you wanna dig it inside the mixture and then you find

you want to start applying this between your teeth this is gonna help you to get between your

teeth so you go around your teeth one at a time to be able to get between your teeth even

underneath and after you have gone around between your teeth it's time for you to use your

regular toothbrush and you wanna go up and down and this is how you're gonna brush your

 teeth every day I just finished brushing my teeth so make sure you go over there and get

 yourself one of these if you just use the toothbrush alone you are not getting the areas in

between your teeth and a lot of people forget to floss their teeth after eating so this will do

you the magic and then you will have the most amazing teeth out there with no plugs and you

can use it every day if you want to if you wanna have that sparkly teeth out there use this

 every day there's nothing like once a week or once in two days just go ahead and use this every day so thank you guys and don't forget. Next Tongue Color and Your Health, What is the Connection?

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