How to Get Rid of Gas Naturally and Easily

How to Get Rid of Gas Naturally and Easily

Hi dr. anita hawk here i want to share a quick tip with you about getting rid of bloating or gas

in your stomach which in the course cause a lot of lower back pain so all you have to do it's

very very simple is to lay flat on your back you can do this on a hard surface if your beds firm enough which it should be you can do it there too so i'm going to lay on my back over here

you're gonna bring your knees up you're actually going to bend your knees you're going to

grasp them like this and your bring your knees up and you're going to hug your knees and even

 if you want to you can kind of lift your upper body you're going to hold this position for a

few minutes and it should actually relieve a lot of bloating gas second tip is you're going to

cross your legs put your hands underneath your pelvis and lower back and all you have to do is

bring your legs up and down ten times with your leg cross this way and then switch it and ten

times this way and doing that will also eliminate a lot of swelling and bloating a gas.

Techniques for Relieving Constipation and Gas Pain!

And today I wanted to give you a tutorial on some of the move the I use when I have come

fishin or gas so these are all techniques that I've learned either from yoga the yoga poses or

my good friend who the dynastar therapist or my father who is the master of farts so it's the

first thing that I want to say real quick before I do this is that you are probably going to want to be in a private area like make sure that nobody is home or go in your bedroom or

something because if somebody walks in and sees you doing some of the stuff I'm going to

show you they're gonna think you're really weird and they're gonna find you so he's gonna

make you uncomfortable so you're allowed to do that and then the second thing is you'll

probably on a leg handle or some incense oh I'm kidding caramel candle because live will two

reasons one because it's relaxing and two because it smells good because the whole point of this is to make you part so with that out of the way we'll show you Oh first one I learned in yoga

and it is supposed to cleanse your digestive system of any toxins and healthcare Thanks

moving or better pooping so you're gonna want to sit either I'm on a yoga mat just cuz I'm in

my living room cuz it was the best place to show you or I usually want to do if I'm on my side

 you know a heating pad feeling all sick in steps up you shall be in my bed so sit up straight

and if your legs out in front of you and you're gonna want to bend your right knee it's gotta be

 right like first because the way your digestive system it goes clockwise so if you do right and

then left you'll be pushing things out and releasing the direction of they're suppose to go if

you view it the other way you could actually make yourself worse so you don't want to do that little bun your right leg okay and then you are going to want to take your arm your arm and

twist over your life and just hold it for a couple minutes if you practice yoga and you want to

do the yoga breath and everything that's great I don't usually because I just can't concentrate

this might come here yeah and then should the other way just everything back straight okay

 and then would you look down now you'll want to do a same thing on the other side fold your left leg pull there a little bit you might even notice that you're feeling better already that's

number one the second thing that you can do is lit up iMac and put your legs up straight so

here before and then I want to take your right leg again send it up there we go now these are

moves that my father taught me and at first I thought that he was totally insane this is exact

 when I really started to get sick when I was younger and I should say about tummy aches a lot

 and a lot of the pie maker just by I awake it felt roboted included part so my ID Angeles first

 thing you're going to do is lay back down and put your hands down at your side there's knees

 bent and you're going to do kind of like it arch um a bridge if you can do them with your whip your butt up here's someone with it for a little bit you can even push down on your tummy if

you want to very very gently and then you're going to want to turn over the other way get

down on all fours and put your head on the ground with your feet in the air and then I put my arms like that and you're gonna feel really really stupid but just watch so lay like this for a

little bit and you can go back and forth and then you'll really start skipping there's that okay

and then the last thing I want to show you is how to rub your tummy when your countries or

triangular yes well there is a specific way to do it if you rub it hard enough in the wrong way

like I said earlier you can actually put things up your digestive system goes clockwise left

starts on top corner and push um not too hard but hard enough eventually you know like

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custom to yourself and under here is a little bit it go down and just keep going around if you

can do it smoothly we know in one motion that's great I gotta press like it around and really
hopefully these will work for you if you will try next time that you're not feeling so good um

do keep in mind that these techniques are more designed for people who you know just the

average person who is constipated or for somebody with IBS IV d2f you know whatever who

just leverage to make a phone conversation if you have IBD and your constipation is caused

from something like a scripture you're probably gonna wanna touch your doctor first I would

recommend doing something like this you know just in case um so there's that for my
granddad back I hope that your time is a today.

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