Top Powerful And [Easy Steps] To STOP and Cure Fever

how to break fever

Hello I'm dr. Jeanne Galloway and I'd like to talk to you about how to reduce a fever naturally when a child or when yourself ends up with a feverish condition oftentimes

the first thing we want to do is relieve the suffering because they feel so miserable and

although that seems like a really good thing to do one of the things that we need to keep in

mind is that fevers are actually the body's method of killing off bacterial or viral infections so

to some extent we want to be careful not to squelch a fever before it's time if we do that we

may actually be prolonging the disease process so that's one thing to keep in mind but if
someone is truly just miserable or if you're starting to get a little bit nervous because the

temperature for a child maybe is edging up towards 104 you're like oh I'm getting a little

scared then what we might want to do there's a few little tricks that can be done naturally that

 can help with this and help them feel more comfortable certainly you can do baths a nice

tepid bath so it's not too cold because you don't want to get them chilled and you certainly

don't want a hot bath but a tepid bath and if you put something like lavender essential oil in it

or maybe some vinegar just something to be cooling to the body that might be a really good

choice to bring down that fever to a more manageable level without taking something like

acetaminophen which will artificially decrease the fever other things you can do is boy you've

 got to hydrate the doctors always said you know drink your juices drink your fluids take your aspirin and call me in the morning well the aspirin maybe not so much but how about the

liquids let's get the liquids in because if we are having a fever typically we're dehydrating our
bodies our bodies are really heating up it's like you're in a hot day and you're sort of sweating

internally so we want to be sure to keep you hydrated you know herbal teas are really a good

thing to use for children you might want to use something like chamomile tea because it's

really a nice sweet taste a lot of times you don't have to put any kind of sweetener in it at all

because the kids will enjoy it just as is so herbal teas water try to avoid super-sweet things it's

really not the time to be drinking a lot of soda pop when you're having a fever it's a really

poor idea because along with not killing off the bacteria because the fever is going down you're also giving food to that fever you're giving it sugar and is going to make the bacteria or the

viral infection grow even faster so we want to try to avoid sweet things we want to try to get

 good clear liquids and broths and things that are going to keep the body hydrated so there are

 a number of things that you can do naturally to reduce a fever and if you are concerned at any time about the fever or if a fever for a child goes undiminished for three days you really

 want to see your practitioner as soon as possible and be sure that the child is evaluated. next Effective Home Remedies for Cough You Need To Try Immediately

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