How Cayenne Pepper Can Help You with Heart Attack?

How Cayenne Pepper Can Help You with Heart Attack?

For the heart and for the general circulatory system I gotta tell you this one account there is

this gentleman he wrote a book about this called left for dead and it's an awesome book to read

but he had the quadruple bypass and basically it doesn't help him he just felt awful he had no

energy all he could do was lay in bed and get a big shamble over to the couch and lamb

 accounts a while and he'd shambled back to bed and he couldn't do anything he just is already

canned at all and one day he was at this family took him out in the wheelchair in the park and

there was this little old granny lady who just seemed to be all full of energy it just sparked fully

unhappy and and she says what's wrong with you and he kind of explained that he'd had heart

disease and he had a quadruple bypass and he just wasn't retirement she's oh you need cayenne

pepper you need just take a teaspoon full of cayenne pepper and he'll fix you up just like that

 I said I said yeah right you know and he went home and he just got worse and worse and and

finally you remember he was laying on a couch one day and what that lady said so he can't

handle on the kitchen ease as well the worst he could do is kill me and then I'd be out of my

 misery you know and so she told him takes some time ever and you know gives water as a

chaser and so he took a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and swallow it and then he took water

and he is boo you know he thought he was gonna die for about 30 seconds it's just like

 detonated and his esophagus you know and and then all of a sudden he felt wonderful and and

he had called his son this guy was like probably this forties at this time because he needed to

 have some farmer to shovel the snow off the porch the roof of the porch cuz these friends

gonna crash in any time well gee I feel discomfort here I'm gonna shovel a little bit of snow

now here's a guy you know doesn't even get around as snow shoveling is one of those bigger is

 things you can do you you tell cardiac patients don't go on shovel snow - you know shoveling

snow and the guy they're becoming like an evangelist for her Cayenne he started his own little

business selling cayenne and capsules and on tallien you can literally stop a heart attack like

that just by putting some cayenne pepper under the person's top they'll probably punch you

you know but especially if they're not knowing what's coming but I've seen it done I have seen

 it done because what Cayenne is is an excellent blood equalizer if you've done bleeding like

have you kind of even an artery slap my hand full of cayenne pepper on it it'll stop the

 bleeding in less than three minutes now you might stop to go to the doctor and get it stitched

off you know and again hamdi's are real good for that kind of thing but you know in terms of

that kind of the thing it's just amazing or if you have a nosebleed or high blood pressure things

 like that cayenne pepper is very good for that Rishi and maitake are forms of mushrooms

that are very strong for the immune system alfalfa is the king of herbs it's named and Arabic means the father of herbs that's why they feed it to race. Next High Blood Pressure Symptoms That Can Save Your Life

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