6 Home Remedies for A Toothache that will Make the Pain go Away

Home Remedies for A Toothache

Hi guys welcome to my blog to take our tooth pain they are awful okay now most people will have some form of a tooth ache or tooth pain at least once in their life

I did I had to take when I was a kid now to take is not a disease it could be caused from gum

problem it could be caused from biting into something art or it will because from a tooth that

you have that might be decaying now when I was growing up and I have a to take that is

normally from decaying of a tooth all right now I used to tend to be like a sweet junky but I

 learned my lesson and I stopped you know indulge in fact pretty early now when I used to get

 it to take my dad would go in the kitchen and he would mix some things up because having

me crying crying crying was not something that he liked at all now whatever it is that he

 makes and you would come you rub it on the gum and if there's a whole you stuff it and before

 you know it it to take would be God today I'm gonna share one such remedy with you I'm

gonna go in the kitchen I'm gonna whip this treatment up you're gonna use it whenever you

have a to take you're gonna share it and you're gonna at least know that if you do get it to

take you can use this to get rid off the field okay so if you're interested come with me to the

kitchen and I'll share this with you two takes can be very painful and intense and sometimes

they can be so strong that it can make your old body shiver for maintaining a better overall

health it is important to take good care of our teeth and gums to take is a pain in our around a

 tooth this may be from tooth decay abscess tooth tooth fracture or a damaged filling to get

rid of to take the ingredients our cloves and this is what cloves look like up close you can

always get close to buy in your supermarket anywhere you have the spice your green ghost

ring you'll get close okay and this is close our second ingredient is papaya and for the papaya

 we're going to be using the papaya skin if your papaya is green it is much better than using

the right one so if you have the green papaya go ahead and use that if not use the right one

but the green one is going to be stronger okay all right so the first thing I'm gonna do I'm

gonna blend the cloves now if you do not but blender and you have a martyr I think they call

our Greiner you can use that to turn your clothes into powder however I have a blender so I'm

 going to blend so I'm using about a teaspoon of cloves the germicidal properties of clove

make it very effective for relief in dental pain to take sorghum's and mount her sir it contains

eugenol which has been used in dentistry for many years clove is also effective against cavities

 the cavity would vanish in a few days temporary alternative to a alterna and this is your

blended tropes so now I'm gonna move on to preparing the papaya so the first thing we're

gonna do we're gonna peel the papaya and we're going as close as possible to the skin since

we're only going to be using the papaya peel papaya apps and removing the bacteria from the

tooth and aid in the inland process and here is our papaya peel and now we're gonna blend if

you do not have a blender go ahead and use anything you have heavy and crush the papaya

peel okay and here is our blender or if you didn't have a brand and you crushed papaya fear so

here are the two ingredients and so we're gonna take about a teaspoon don't eat a lot this is

actually a lot of papaya peel and a teaspoon of killed and we're gonna mix this together and

 once you mix this together you want to make sure your ends are clean and you're gonna crush

 it like this and this ready you're gonna make little balls just enough that could fill your teat

and you're gonna store this so you could just store this in your refrigerator now to use you're

gonna take a little just a little and you're gonna make a ball with it so you're gonna roll it in

your hands like this just roll it small as you could get it and this is it right here and then you're gonna use it Eitan this is for demonstration purposes only so you're gonna Park it in the tote

 just pluck it push it down and dad you're gonna take a little more and you're gonna rub it on

the gum right around the tooth so you're gonna rub it on the car right around the tooth okay

 and in no time you're to take is gonna go now you want to continue to use this treatment for

relief until you see your dentist okay now don't forget go see the dentist all right ginger root

ginger is incredible healing and has been used for two takes for decades make sure you use raw

ginger root when applying to the affected area cut one inch of ginger root peel off the skin

layer and place on the affected tooth onions onions of antimicrobial properties which is

beneficial when dealing with dental pain when you feel tooth pain come on greet the onion

and apply the juice to the tooth and gum this will significantly help reduce swelling and pain

time time is also recommended for treating dental pain this powerful little herb is antifungal

antiseptic and highly medicinal making it a great remedy for fighting tooth decay and gum

 diseases you can crush thyme leaves with a little bit of water to create a paste that can be

applied to the affected area three times a day or you can switch with equal parts time oil and

water three times daily. Next How to Treat Cold Sores at Home

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