Home Remedies for Tonsil Stones – How to Remove Tonsil Stones Naturally

Home Remedies for Tonsil Stones

Hey guys, today I'm going to be sharing with you in this article segment some home remedies to remove or prevent or get rid of tonsil stones

alright now as I said in my other article tonsil stones folks are you know pretty pretty

common a lot of people have tonsil stones and there's some reasons why if you're reading

this article you have tonsil stones okay now as I mentioned before in a article that your

tonsils played a major role okay to your health okay it basically it's a filter to filter out you

 know viruses bad bacterias okay or antibodies of that could actually get into your lungs alright

 and get trapped into your pathways and into your body okay so the tongs will serve as a as a

protection form so that's why I still have mines on you can comment below whether you still

 have yours on this article or not I will - no and you can also comment what you use or try to

help other people okay get rid of their console stones but for the sake of this article I'm going

 to share with you some key home things that you can try to implement um to get rid of

tonsil stones I used to have tonsil stones I don't have them anymore and the only thing I can

think of is that I just basically changed a few things and I'm going to give you really mine my

 only few key pointers of what I did and my tonsil stones just went away alright so the first

thing I did was I increase my water intake per day so you need to drink more water okay

maybe you you don't have enough water you diet so normally what I do is I fill this jello and I

drink I drink it you know so if you don't have this is like eight glasses you need to have at

least eight glasses of water per day so at least about four of these bottles four and a half five

bottles will give you basically one of these all right also you need to increase your water intake

 every single day every day I know it's tough you may have to run to the restroom but after

 you know several days a week you'll be fine you'll get used to drinking water alright like that you need to also modify your diet okay so you need more fruits more vegetables in your diet

 things that's going to create saliva flow I do this naturally so I eat more vegetables more

carrots expenditure celery's and things like that so once I started implementing that in my

diet I no longer had tonsil stones okay another thing that you can do is you can get on a good

 probiotic probiotics basically contain good bacteria okay which basically helps neutralizes the

 bad bacteria so that will reduce they take away from this middle arm and eventually it will

eliminate it also when you're drinking water it basically moist the oral cavity and it loosens up

 any particles that may try to get in the way and so that and basically just rinse away whatever

whatever you know whatever particles that could have hardened and called the tonsil stone so

that's definitely a key most people who have counseled stones they don't drink enough water

they don't get enough in their diet also you can gargle with salt water warms up soft water

maybe one or two teaspoons okay you can gargle hold your head back gargle for 30 you know

 20 to 30 seconds and spit out do that about two to three times per day that's if you already

have council stones um also you can use a cotton swab some people like to open them off and dig them out make sure they get out on that as work I'm chewing garlic is also has work garlic

 is really really actually really healthy for you it can leave a strong odor our garlic has a end

time bacterial agent or property in it to help remove microbes so you know if you have tonsil

 stones you can make you own some garlic and it has a natural anti bacterial agent that will

remove microbes also you can drink some apple cider vinegar very very very very good apple

cider vinegar is really good it has so many wonderful benefits it also will help dissolve calcium

a lot of those stones have calcium you know a lot of these are dairy from Cleveland a lot of

dairy products and things like that it's an overproduction of calcium so you know having some

 apple cider vinegar you know you can drink one or two teaspoons of it with some water or

you can gargle with it all right some warm water with one tablespoon of this and gargle it will

dissolve the calcium in the stones so that's it guys um with that being said I hope you guys got

 some amazing value from this arm so definitely you want to take care of your hygiene eating

 healthy also is a part of your oral hygiene I just want you all to know that so you got to eat

 better eat healthy all right that eat to live okay and so with that being said guys there will be

 a link below in the description box where you all can get some free information is a free

article report that you can utilize to get rid of halitosis bad breath and nasty consol stones so I hope this information helps from breath solution with McNeely signing out take care. Next How To Use Essential Oils For Canker Sores

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