Home Remedies for Sore Throat. They Work as Better Substitutes

home remedies for sore throat

Welcome everyone dr. Mandel here if you are one of those sore throat suffers like the

millions of people worldwide this article is going to help you why am I so confident because I
did my own homework for myself I've got my vitamins my teas my remedies to share with

you I hope that you enjoy it put it to use and get well real fast the most important thing we

need to recognize about a sore throat is that you always have a weakened immune system so

we need to strengthen the immune system and the most important thing is sleep so when
 you're stressed out when you're working on the go and you're not resting that's when you get

sick you must hydrate lots of fluid will knock out a sore throat my favorite is a crock of

vegetable soup it will not only give you the vitamins and minerals but it will detoxify your

 system get rid of all that excessive water weight and will help heal your body bone broth is

also a winner it has great healing properties my favorite apple cider vinegar take one

 tablespoon 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning empty stomach it will not only do wonders for your body detoxifying your system but it will do miracles for a sore throat my

favorite three things our sea salt mixed with warm water gargling several times a day that will

 do miracles for you the next is colloidal silver colloidal silver fights bacteria and viruses I
spray it in the back of my throat I've gargle and I swallow it and I take oregano and I take a

few drops just one or two drops under the tongue I let it sit there and it burns and then I take a

little bit of water and then I gargle it right after so sublingually is getting in my system and

then with the water I'm gargling in the back of the throat hot teas can do wonders for your

 throat it will soothe it and it will heal it very quickly green tea is excellent great antioxidants
 ginger and lemon or just lemon or ginger excellent for the throat echinacea there's lozenger

as well as teas that will help kill any type of virus vitamin D is extremely important I like at

least a minimum of 2,000 IU's manuka honey it's amazing well not only co2 throat great

antiviral antifungal antibacterial properties for strep it will kill as well curcumin as well as true

Merrik the same family will help boost up the immune system one of the greatest remedies is

slippery elm that Costa throat takes away the pain allow you to swallow easier and it really
 helps accelerate the healing process so there are many great formulas out there I did my

homework I'm gonna review some important herbs and nutrients that are good for you we

talked about the old floral of oregano just one or two drops under the tongue or in a glass of

water yes it can burn so be careful so what did I learn about these formulas right here

 peppermint seems to be in all these formulas it soothes the throat takes away that burning

sensation helps accelerate the healing process sage and aloe what about Zeek zinc does
miracles zinc laughing jurors everyone should be using there are many remedies out there but

 these particular vitamins nutrients herbs and teas are proven to get your sore throat better

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