12 Effective Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

home remedies for sinus infection

Hi I'm dr. Richard nan if you're looking for home remedies for a sinus infection or a natural treatment for a sinus infection I'm glad you found this video so think about it let's what is a

sinus infection 90% of the time a sinus infection is due to a virus it's basically a bad cold and it

gets in your sinuses it causes sinus pressure sinus congestion your nose is stuffy maybe it's

runny as well it can give you a headache and pressure and you're pretty much miserable it's
absolutely key to know that if it is a virus ninety percent of the time it is it's going to run its

course in seven to ten days you don't eat an antibiotic you don't need to go to your doctor and

 one of the most effective things I know believe it or not is salt water I grew up in the Florida

Keys I I didn't know anybody that got sinus infections growing up as a kid we were always in
 the water okay you go in the water you get out of the salt water your nose runs like crazy we

 didn't get sinus congestion and if you don't get the congestion you can't get an infection make

 sense so in India they even have a little pot called the neti pot where they put some warm

water and a little pinch of salt and they basically make their own saltwater and they run it
 through their nose a very simple way to do this is if you get a little spray bottle any nasal

spray bottle empty one if you got one at home put in a little bit of water just a tiny little

pinch of salt you don't need much and go ahead and spray it you're going to see that's the best

decongestant you can get it's completely natural it'll cut through all the mucus and things are

going to drain the other thing that helps a tremendous amount is hydration and it takes a
 couple days to hydrate it's not like you can go drink three or four cups of water right now and

 you're hydrated but if your body is dehydrated and this mucus in your sinuses thickens up it's

going to have a very very tough time draining so the more hydrated you are the better the

saltwater nasal sprays work inhaling steam works so whether you go into a hot shower a hot

 bath I've heard of people even getting some hot water so boy let's add steam and put a towel

over their head and put their head over the water don't burn your face please but just inhaling

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 the steam can help as well if you need something over the counter to help two things are

very effective decongestants can help my favorite one is sudafed but sudafed is now behind the

 pharmacy counter you have to sign for it's not a prescription but you have to sign for it
without signing for it there's other decongestants that are available over-the-counter and also

a medicine called white venison it's basically the active ingredient that's in robitussin and wife

enison can thin mucus to make it drain easier that's the medicine also that's in mucinex you

may recognize and buy those generic by the way don't spend the extra money to get brand

name there's two indications for antibiotics because that mucus is a great place to grow

bacteria and if you're not getting better in 10 days or if after day five instead of starting to do
better you are crashing and burning and you're going downhill that's an indication antibiotics

can be helpful and you need to see your doctor so he can choose the right one and get you

 better but most of the time you will get better on your own so if you want to do some natural

remedies at home what you got I'm in your corner because I hate to see people go to a doctor

when you don't need to and you're paying co-payments and spend a lot of money and the stuff
that's going to run its course and go away anyway so really I hope that helps I hope the

information helps you out the whole reason I'm in medicine is is this is a very gratifying job

and you get to help people you get to make a difference in their life and really the enjoyment

 of this practice is better than the finances because we make decent money let's let's admit

that but outside my medical profit office I have found another way to help people and this is

 fantastic there's a way to help people save money and I've teamed up with some internet

experts and my partner's know how to we can make money by how when people save money

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what we're doing and whether or not this is for you other than that get some salt water get the decongestants if you need it they're pretty harmless and I hope you get better.

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