Home Remedies for Pet Allergies – Step by Step Guide to Allergy-Free Home

Home Remedies for Pet Allergies

Home Remedies for Pet Allergies is the title of content I'll share today, there are also about dog allergy remedies humans, skin allergies treatment, am i allergic to my quiz, food treatment

A lot of people think that if they're diagnosed with a pet allergy they can't have or be around pets that's not always true

today I'm gonna give you five tips to help you person with pet allergies keep on loving beds

and now your host the vet to gets people sniffles whenever he gets too close a doctor Andy right

so what do you do if you're allergic to pets and you want or need to spend time around them I use my latex bodysuit and gas mask combo meg

oh I got nothing for once Stephen and I had the same answer oh no don't do that there can be a happy ending to this scenario

I know a veterinary technician who loves cats and her fiance is allergic guess what he gets allergy shots and they live happily ever after

but there are other ways to go about it let's have a look for people who are not severely allergic to pets at tips we can use knowledge is power

and understanding as much as we can about our allergies is the first step to getting over them that's

 why I recommend finding a good allergist who can actually confirm that it's pets were allergic to you know I was tested recently

and I tested positive for awesome you're allergic to awesome knowledge is power and understanding as much about our allergies as

we can is the first step so let's contact an allergist and make sure that it's pets we're actually allergic to

for example some people think that they're allergic to dogs or cats when in reality they're allergic to pollen that's being carried

 in on the dog or cat's coat this is an important difference and it affects how we address the problem finding an allergist who loves pets

and understands your desire to keep them in your life is important so I've got two pieces of advice for finding an allergist number one find an allergist that gets you

and doesn't think you're crazy for wanting to still have pets around that's important number two we need to find an allergist that you're not allergic to

if you have a pet allergy you should be bathing your daughter cat at least once a week remember to use positive reinforcement

and treats to make these baths as low stress as possible I use cupcakes and oranges new black episodes for the pets eyes use treats

and praise also you can get pet grooming wipes and wipe your dog or cat to remove dander in between baths you can also use these in place of baths

if it's absolutely necessary however you do it getting rid of hair dander or allergens in the bathtub means that they're not bumping around your house and attacking your allergies

and making you miserable HEPA filters are high-efficiency particle arrest ins air filters they arrest particles with high efficiency doesn't that sound great for allergies it is

you can get HEPA air filters for central heating and air conditioning units they also have standalone air filters you just plug in

and some vacuum cleaners even use them in order to help get particles out of the environment the HEPA filter vacuums are great

and if possible you should have somebody who doesn't have pet allergies doing the vacuuming that's right

I just got you out of some house if you're using HEPA air filters they should be going at least four hours a day

and if it goes on for longer than four hours you should call your doctor that's that's something different electrostatic cleaning cloths like the Swiffer products

where allergens just cling to these things electrostatically they're also really good for getting allergens out of your house

make sure you're washing your hands a lot if there are allergens on your pet and then you touch your pet

and then you touch your face you just got a face full of allergens as an aside face full of allergens is a fantastic name for a terrible band pet bedding

and toys need to be washed regularly too

so select bedding and toys that can be washed and try to turn everything over weekly for cats stagger the washing so that we're not washing everything all at once

if you want to know more about why check out our episode on cat stress this is heartbreaking I know but hear me out

 if we let pets and pet allergens into the bedroom then those allergens are going to be attacking our immune system all night long it'll be just like the Lionel Richie song

but even more painful you're not going to sleep that well and you're going to wake up with an irritable immune system that's got allergy symptoms

and ain't afraid to use them the simplest safest thing is just make the bedroom awfully mr. pets if you can't keep pets out of the bedroom then at least keep them off the bed

if this isn't possible say you live in a studio apartment or the pets are just going to get on the bed then cover

your bed with some sort of a throw or a barrier and then at night just take this off and while you're lying

in bed feel free to listen to that new single from that band we all know

and love face full of allergens it's called you shook me all night long with fits of coughing a wise man once said

you can have every episode of cone of shame email directly to you. so please do and until next time let's be the people that our pets deserve you

That's the info about Home Remedies for Pet Allergies , home remedies dog skin allergies itching, allergies, allergic to my all of a sudden, i'm is there anything i can do. may be useful

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