High Blood Pressure Diet: How to Easily Lower Your Blood Pressure?

high blood pressure diet

Hi I'm Charlotte Lawson a registered licensed dietitian here in Tampa Bay Florida now if you have high blood pressure your position or medical practitioner my heptyl might have told you

 to look into your diet for tips and ways to help reduce that high blood pressure level well

couple things affect our blood pressure first could be our sodium intake recommended intake is
between 1500 milligrams to 2,400 milligrams and 24 is the amount of sodium found in a

teaspoon of table salt now a typical American diet we we consume well above that

recommended amount closer to the four or five thousand range and keep in mind every time

we're consuming sodium our body requires water to actually counteract or keep our body at

homeostasis so you can imagine if we're consuming more sodium our body has to hold on to

more water and as we fill our blood with that extra sodium and water volume we're again

 increasing that pressure or hypertension if you will that blood pressure against our arteries

and veins so trying to reduce that sodium level is very key avoid the salt shaker look for those
processed foods having sodium levels a good wall-mounted amount if we're looking at 2,400

milligrams a day / max is looking at about 800 milligrams per meal and about a 300 milligrams

serving is a little bit high you might want to wonder if you're whether or not that type of food

fits into your diet you'll also keep in mind there's different ways to make our arteries smaller

whereas if we consumed lots of cholesterol and saturated fat from our animal products we may

start seeing that carotid artery or that building of the plaque now if we have arteries that are

having that plaque buildup it's making the narrow it's making the passageway for the blood

 very narrow and again putting more pressure on that artery so trying to avoid those saturated

fats in your diet is also very important check your Nutrition Facts labels and to see how much

saturated fat is there typically the saturated fat will be found in animal products try using

vegetable oils while you're cooking as they do not have that saturated fat so ultimately we

want to reduce our sodium and reduce our amount of saturated fat in the diet hopefully then

you'll see a small for duction at least in your blood pressure levels those were just a couple tips and good luck with uh with the diet I'm Charlotte and eat happy. Next 12 Proven Foods That Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

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