12 Proven Foods That Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

foods that lower blood pressure

Hi I'm Charlotte Skiles nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist with eat in peace wellness consulting located in austin texas in today's topic is how to lower your blood pressure through diet

and once again I'm not sure that this can be done directly the thing to understand here is that

food affects you and then your blood pressure is affected I really hope that makes sense but

the idea is that there's no one food or one diet to take to lower your blood pressure it's finding

 the foods that are appropriate for your body so that your body works well and can deal with

life well and have a healthy emotional expression and then you'll have a healthy blood

pressure level but there's a couple of things here to directly think about in terms of lowering

your blood pressure with food that are very important and often overlooked one is the role of

 insulin and its relationship to high blood pressure we have a major problem in this country

with the consumption of refined carbohydrates which result in too much insulin being secreted

 and then you have something called insulin resistance set in and then you continue

potentially have diabetes so the idea here is that excessive insulin the system contributes to

high blood pressure so if you eat a diet that is not going to produce a lot of insulin you will

then have a healthy blood pressure level what does that diet look like it looks like our hunter-gatherer

ancestors so you eat like a caveman or a cavewoman and you eat lean meats that were grass-fed and pastured and green vegetables from the ground and berries from the bushes and that's

kind of the diet there if you can't click it Puckett hunt it milk it whatever if you can't find it

in nature it's not food and therefore won't be recognized by the body and once again these

foods that cause all of these blood sugar regulation problems and have this excessive insulin in

the system or man-made for the most part so that's phase one is insulin and blood pressure the

other thing is food allergies and blood pressure undiagnosed food allergies are rampant in my

professional opinion people don't have a solid understanding of how food feels and shows up

in their bodies it's estimated that up 75 percent of the population has issues with either wheat

or dairy or both for that matter and so food allergies cause the stress response in the body

whether you realize it or not some people are so familiar with living that way that they don't

 even know any different so removing these foods from your diet and then reintroducing them

that's called the elimination diet can be a good way to figure out if that is indeed contributing

to your high blood pressure but that's a key point and then also salt intake if someone is salt-sensitive

 so in terms of how diet affects your blood pressure you've got blood sugar regulation you've

got food allergies and you've got a possible salt sensitivity but overall you eat foods that are

 healthy for you and then you'll be healthy with a healthy blood pressure regulation. Next How to Lower Blood Pressure Easy and Naturally

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