Essential Oils for Pink Eye Which Work and Which Do Not?

essential oils for pink eye

Okay guys so I thought I'd share a little oil wind today sometimes you know I use it for

cleaning and for baby products beauty products lots of different things and then there's some

 things where I'm like I wonder if this really will work I'll admit it the odd time I was skeptic
and I don't know why because every time the oils prove me wrong and they work so well so

my daughter woke up and she had all this I could she stuffs all crusted across her eyes and you

know I cleaned it off with a warm cloth about oh it's just like sleepies in her eyes are crying I

might kind of dried and stuff well the next two days it was like yellow and like secretions kind
 of and I thought oh great what is this and I was worried because it's her eyes so instead of

 turning to my oils like I should have right away as I should get her into the doctor you know she's a month old she was already on some other medication you know I just I want to be sure

it's her sight you know so I quickly get in to get her into the doctor load them all up in the car

the kids get there and of course as usual a doctor doesn't really know and it's kind of like oh

could be bacterial conjunctivitis which is like pinkeye but our eyes aren't really red I don't
 really know I'm like well you're helpful thanks but he's like it to me seems more viral so

really kind of just wait it out if Fry's do start to look red I'll write you a prescription for some

antibiotics drops you can give our it's the weekend coming up so I'll just give it to you ahead

of time monitor so I go and get the prescription filled and then I get home and I'm like I

really don't want to have to be giving my eight month old antibiotics like we're so overrun
with antibiotics in our systems that's why there's so many superbugs and resistance out there

so I'm like there's got to be something more natural she's only a month old so I looked up in

my handy-dandy oil bible book and lavender tea trees also known as Melaleuca and

frankincense and I put it in my little 10 mil roller topped it up with fractionated coconut oil

which is just coconut oil with the proteins removed so it stays in its liquid state not like the
cooking stuff that goes solid when it's gold and you just roll this around the bone you don't

want to put it in their eyes obviously and you know sometimes babies touch their face in that

so I forgot before she went to bed and I just kind of rolled it under her eye around the side and

 on top of her brow kind of and then rubbed it in well with some more oil on that and she went

 to bed the next morning there was like no groupies okay so then I tried that about every six
hours so for a day day and a half even and she hasn't had anything in her eyes they've totally

 cleared out and it worked amazing I didn't have to turn to these nasty antibiotics with who

 knows what else in there because if you look at these pages that they send with it how to use

 but look at all these side effects precautions drug interactions if you overdose if you miss it

though like it's just insane and here she gets side benefits instead of side effects so she'll get the

benefit of calming relaxation help her sleep at night with the lavender frankincense is like the
king of all oils it does pretty much anything and everything you name it tea tree it's very

antiviral antifungal like that's why these oils work because even though as a viral infection

they can get into that cell membrane and work on it there's nothing out there synthetically

 that does that it's pretty amazing so anyways my little 8 month old I saved her from antibiotics and my oils came to the rescue. Next 10 Amazing Home Remedies for Pink Eye You Can Trust

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