Can you Relieve Pain Using Essential Oils for Pain?

Essential Oils for Pain

Hi everyone eat here okay I'm gonna show you what I use daily I put it in this bottle right here and originally I did a article where it's only five drops when I realized I use a lot more

than that I use about ten drops of each and 20 drops of lemon grass 20th pint maybe no not maybe ten of marjoram and then 20 of black spruce because I found those really work a lot I

 would start with those first sorry start with those first and marjoram and frankincense I used

ten drops of each one of these oils bergamot cinnamon peppermint Roman chamomile

sandalwood cypress juniper berry ginger Clary sage lavender eucalyptus basil copaiba rosemary wintergreen white fir time cedar wood lemon myrrh and sandalwood okay and then I put I rub

a little bit of deeply first and then I take ten drops of each of these oils I was putting them on

one at a time but that just was taking so freaking long so I put them in here and this is what

five drops looks like I don't know whether you can see that that's what five drops of each of

these oils are when I realized oh my god I use a lot more than that and I can never remember

how many drops but I use about twice that much and then I fill the rest up with coconut oil

they say if you just use the pure oils on themselves without a carrier oil like fractionated

coconut oil or that's probably the best type of oil to use that they won't go into your system

as fast so you have to use coconut oil with them and I have had incredible results especially

when I started to add the pines a black spruce pine also Idaho fir is really good but I have been

 able to a balsam fir that's it balsam fir I haven't able to find that anywhere yeah but these are

the oils that our anti-inflammatory our replacement for NSAIDs NSAIDs which are stuff like

ibuprofen you know over-the-counter pills and stuff like that sure you can take those but

eventually over time they're going to really mess with your liver and you're gonna have

problems in the long run a lot of people are saying you know that it's like taking a dose of

poison every time you take an ibuprofen because it really messes with your system and taking

the ibuprofen and stuff like that makes your stem cells lazy and they won't do their job and

they won't repair so I have only taken three extra strength tylenol this entire last month I

took one right after the surgery well about a day and a half after I got rid of that freaking

percocet where I died and then like my mom came made me come back to life she gave me mouth-to-mouth we didn't realize that I was allergic to percocet and guess what I'm also

allergic to morphine I'm allergic to UM vicodin as well because they all come from the opiate

family so I didn't know that and so I have this whole bottle of percocet just sitting there you

know anyway um um so anyway this is what I take okay ten drops of each of these and then I

 love the smell of lemongrass and pine so I put like 20 drops of this and this stuff is amazing it

 really works and then just a little deep blue I rub it on my knees and I rub it on the bottoms of my feet and the tops of my feet and I'm golden and I do that um in the morning and then

when I go to sleep at night just one single spray one single spray of this and I rub it around

really well and I put on cotton socks after that so this really really helps with the pain and the

swelling and your swelling goes down your pain goes down my mom uses this combination for arthritis and I found out that I am dealing with arthritis myself but I refused to call it my

arthritis I'm calling it the arthritis that is affecting me because I am determined to beat this

 okay so I'm gonna be teaching my first private lesson today I taught my apprentices

yesterday for three hours and that was good as long as I can teach beginners and couples I'm

good for now so look at how I'm walking I don't know if you can see in the mirror I'm walking

when I am walking fine I'm walking fine and it's only been like a month since the procedure I

can walk I can do basic step but I just can't dance for now um well no I can't dance a whole

song I don't want to dance a whole song I can squat a little bit and I can come back up I can go

up the stairs slowly as long as I pull myself so the only thing that's really bothering at me now

 is the plantar fasciitis on my feet but my husband built me a contraption to help eliminate

the pain in the morning which is great and so I'll be showing you that soon anyway this is Edie the salsa freak signing out. Next Pain in Left Temple: Headache or Something Else?

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