Essential Oils for Neuropathy. What you Need to Know?

Essential Oils for Neuropathy

Hello everyone this is guru nanda back again doing your life face book today again and we are going to be talking about a very sensitive subject

 today it's very flow neuropathy and it is very sensitive for me too because my dad suffered from it and he was a diabetic for thirty years

and I did a lot of research on essential oils and how essential oils can help in most cases and help them relieve soft the pain they go through with better flow peripheral neuropathy

 so peripheral neuropathy for most people who have it they know it it's the extremities when they get pain in the extremities especially the legs the feet mostly of the hands

 and that is normally in diabetics it's very prevalent and in certain cases it could be because of other issues like injuries or infections so the oils that really work best is what

 I know best and a peppermint oil for example the peppermint oil relaxes muscles it increases circulation and increases the respiration it actually gives you the provides you the nervous support

 so if you a use peppermint and the second oil would be eucalyptus oil I'll first give you the names of the oils that are best for it so peppermint is one eucalyptus is another one frankincense

is the third one rosemary is the fourth one and lavender is the fifth one and I'm gonna tell you

I already talked to you about the peppermint so eucalyptus what eucalyptus is you know

known to be antibacterial anti-inflammatory it improves respiration as well as it helps in muscular spasms of pain bombs like Tiger Balm

and all those also have eucalyptus oil as one of the major components coming to lavender as I always call lavender lavender mother for oils it has been relieving and anti-inflammatory antidepressant depressant qualities it relieves stress

 so it is a great product in the blend the next one is frankincense frankincense is great for our immune system it relaxes our muscles it's anti-inflammatory and something that would really fit very well in this blend

 and then the rosemary is known for improving circulation rosemary also relaxes your muscle fibers and I think if mixed all together it's not again it's a blend

so this energetically they work a lot better than they would work singularly so again I'll repeat rosemary lavender eucalyptus peppermint and frankincense you mix them all two drops each

and so that would be ten drops and you'd be putting them in like make a hot compress I normally when I helped my dad I made him a compress with some turmeric you know

 I used to buy some American ginger and I would grate them and make a compass out of it with a cloth around it and put some basil leaves in it

and then I would put these four five oils into it and it really helped

so you can even keep a little hot plate and you can put the complex on the hot plate and then put it on the feet it really helps the patient so that is one way

and the second way is just put a few drops like put these ten drops in your bath my dad we used to do him that a hot bath where it was still the waste

so it was hot back till the waist because his beam was mostly in the feet so this really helped him with a pain so something that I really have had practical experience with

and I think something that you guys in case you are unfortunately you or your loved ones are suffering form very from neuropathy could try this formula

and in the meanwhile you could go and buy it off of guru nanak calm and if you ever go to Walmart to buy it because we do sell to Walmart

I want you to only look for our oils in the white immense section in the pharmacy area we do not sell our oils in other part of the Walmart we only sell the therapeutic product

 in the pharmacy section in the Whiteman area in the under the Guru nanda brand or its you can always go to guru nanak calm

now there is been a big uproar on oils in walmart from another company that are not true to what they are and i just wanted to clarify that our product has our name on it

 I personally stand responsible for every drop and when you use this blend you would see the effect so thank you so much and I'll be back with you soon thank you. Next about Asperger’s symptoms in Children, Teens, and Adults: Are they Different?

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