How To Use Essential Oils For Canker Sores

Essential Oils For Canker Sores

Hey guys what's up it's Heather grant and today I'm gonna be talking about what essential oils you can use for canker sores now

I have a kind of a funny story my husband's very first experience with essential oils was with

canker sores so I had been using them for a while he didn't really believe in him kind of

thought they were snake oil but he gets really bad canker sores and what had happened was my

little girl as a baby had kind of head-butted him in the head had just kind of tipped her head

back and then you know how babies will just kind of throw their head back anyway she'd head-butted him and he ended up with a kicker sore in either side of his cheek and both cheeks on

the inside and he usually uses prescription medication but he was actually out of his medicine

and it was like 10 o'clock at night and so he came to me and was asking basically what snake

 oils I had what essential oils he could use that would help with canker sores and so I told him

I've looked up in my book and had a reference bug and it tell me that mallow Luca essential oil

 sometimes referred to his tea tree oil was a really good oil for canker sores and so I handed

him the oil told him how to use it and then that was kind of the end of that and the next

morning I asked him I said hey how did it go and he he kind of acted like you didn't want to

talk about it and I'm like well you know did it did it work and he said well I still have one

canker sore and I said one meself one didn't you have to and he says well yeah anyway long

story short he was trying to test it out so what he had done was he'd actually put maluca on

one of the canker sores but nothing on the other one and the one with Melaleuca had gone

away and he was too proud to admit that it had actually worked and been a really good

experience and so I I still tease him about it today it's like well you know where the mouth look is you can go get rid of the other ones yourself but mallow Luca is actually a really great

 ascent to oil if you're someone who you're dealing with canker sores and you need to get rid

of them I'm just simply putting a drop on your finger either at like a cotton swab or a q-tip

and putting that wherever your canker sore is at it's very very effective at getting rid of those

 canker sores another essential oil you can use is OnGuard essential oil has awesome oils like

clove and wild orange and cinnamon and things like that in it that can really help as far as

being anti viral really great they get rid of infections and things like that so on guard is

another really great oil so those are my two essential oils that i recommend using if you are

dealing with a canker sore and then also being aware that the on guard toothpaste is really

wonderful as well that it can really help to clean your mouth so that your mouth has a really

good environment for your for you to be able to heal as you're dealing with those canker sores

 so those are my tips for you if you have a canker sore mal Luka or tea tree oil and then on

guard or two of the very best oils I know that you can use to get rid of a canker sore.

How To Use Essential Oils For Canker Sores

Ok, I wanted to share something with you today and it is related to cold sores so you know I suffer from cold sores and I have suffered from them since I was a teenager and it's horrible

you know every time I get one I always look for you know what kind of remedy can I find to

 get rid of it to get rid of it faster so that I don't get the sore on my mouth so I don't get a

scab that takes forever to go away it's so embarrassing and you know I just hate it I have tried

 everything I can find I have searched the internet and every method I have tried never makes

 it any faster than two weeks it just takes two weeks that's two weeks I can't kiss my kids it's

two weeks I can't kiss my husband it's just awful so I have spent years looking for a method to try to get rid of it well recently I had two of them back-to-back you know I have a lot of

stress in my job and so I'm sure that's what does it but really doesn't matter so I have really

been getting into essential oils lately and so I thought hey you know that's one method I

haven't tried so I decided to give it a try so I started doing a lot of research trying to figure out

 what essential oils would work and I found the right combination so to use this method you're

going to need a glass bottle and it's gonna have to be something that's dark you know blue

brown something like that because essential oils are really volatile and they react with the

sunlight so you don't want them to be in a clear glass container because the sunlight will take

away all their great effects and that's what you really want so use a glass container a dark one

 you want a carrier oil now I use coconut oil fractionated coconut oil it's just really easy to

find it works really well this is one that is a great combination with essential oil so that's what

I use you're going to use a tablespoon full of essential oils and then you're going to need a

combination of essential oils so you're going to need lavender you want to do two drops of

lavender you're going to need tea tree you're going to do two drops of a tea tree and you're

gonna need oregano see you want one drop of the oregano oregano is are really strong so you

mix these three together with a tablespoon full of the fractionated coconut oil in your glass

container once you have a mix together you want to take a little cotton ball about the size of

your cold sore so you just want to take this mix it around in your mix once you have it mixed in you want to put it on your cold sore wherever that is take a band-aid put it band-aid over

 your mixture and you want to sleep like that you really need to start this as soon as your cold

sore starts to show up if you do this it will make your cold sore go away so much faster and it

will stop the pain as I can tell you I've had many they're really painful and they're horrible and

they're ugly and there's awful but I can tell you that this works I have tried everything else

nothing has ever worked for me but this did this worked for me so I put it on every night the

first time I started noticing that my bump came up and it really worked within four days it was

 really gone and I didn't have the huge scab a horrible terrible ugly you know mark on my face

like I usually do so you want to sleep with this overnight and then you use it as many times as

 you can during that day you know I work outside the home and so I couldn't really use it a

whole lot during the day but whenever I thought about it I just took a little cotton ball with

me and I just dabbed it throughout the day when I could and it really worked it worked for me

 so you know take it from somebody who has tried every method under the Sun and this really

 works so I hope you will try it and I hope it works for you you know um there's lots of

different essential oils on the market and if you're going to use essential oils you really want

to use the therapeutic grade so these are from doTERRA but there are really great companies

out there doTERRA is one Young Living is one and even this garden is one Eden's garden is

very inexpensive you can find it either at their website or on Amazon so if you don't have a

big budget to buy doTERRA go try Aidan's garden you can also get your coconut oil on

Amazon so this artixle is not sponsored I just wanted to share what's worked for me and I really hope it works for you let me know if it works for you see you next time bye. Next Ways to Get Better Breath by Detoxifying Your Mouth

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