Dehydration Headache - Drink Your Way Out of Pain

Dehydration Headache

Everybody's doctor boots Tonya coming to you, so we're talking about non traumatically induced headaches which we did on our first two segments in our Facebook live segment from

several weeks ago and we're finishing up today talking about what I think is the number one

cause for an automatically induced headache if you go back to our previous two videos we

 talked about that posture in the workplace and how slouching and working at a workstation

where your computer screen is too low can trigger those types of headaches and what you can

do to help eliminate them secondly we talked about stress again remember there's all types of stress that affect the body but we talked about one thing specifically that you can do to help

 reduce the effects of stress on your body eliminating stress today and today we're going to

talk about what I think is the most common cause of an automatically induced headache and

 that's the hydration we're just not drinking enough water during the day how many people do

you know that have that problem I know I'm guilty of it I'm one of them but not getting

enough water can cause all types of health issues but we're going to talk about today are those

headaches so when you don't have enough water in your body well simply what happens your

cells will start to shrink when your sash wrink a little bit that means the tissues will actually

get a little smaller and especially those tissues that make up the veins and arteries in our body that have to bring blood to all different parts including our Fed so when your body's

dehydrated those cells shrink those tissues will decrease in size which means the passageways

that the blood has to go through it's smaller well the same amount of blood has the course

through those passageways regardless of the size so when the blood forces its way through the

arteries and veins that have shocked because we dehydrate it that's what happens it triggers

pain receptors and all of a sudden you get headaches so here's a common scenario that I have

in the office actually this happened a couple days ago so mr. Jones were trying to figure out

why these headaches are popping up on a daily basis can you tell me how much water you

drink every day well doc yeah it's pretty simple I get up in the morning and I drink three or

 four cups of coffee about halfway through the morning I'll drink a Coke or a diet coke then

for lunch and I eat healthy now go to Subway and I will drink a large iced tea no sugar put

 Sweden low in it three or four o'clock I'll maybe drink another Diet Coke and then when I get

 home and it's been a long day so I'm going to have a few beers or a couple glasses of wine so

now I think about it I'm drinking a lot of water every day really remember if you hold your

glass up to the light and you can't see through your glass if it's not clear it's not water and if

you're drinking all those things we just talked about you're ingesting caffeine and alc0hol

 which does what it makes you avoid so you're going to go to the bathroom a lot during the

day which means you can be even more dehydrated so how much water should we drink every

day that's a you know a raging discussion everybody has their own ideas I'm going to tell you the simple formula that I use thanks very effective and that is you get on the scale find out

how much you weigh you take your bodyweight divide it by two in that number and ounces is

 how much water you should drink every day so I'm kind of challenged with math so we'll keep

it easy let's say I weigh 200 pounds and that way divided by 2 is 100 so that's a hundred ounces of water I should drink every day now when I talk about that to patients and people

everybody freaks out because they're the oh my god is not like a drink that much water well

you can and it's easier than you think you just don't do it all at one sitting so what you can do

 to get the ball rolling is when you get up in the morning before you have that first cup of

coffee drink a glass of water then have some coffee they go through the morning instead of drinking that diet coat take a glass of water at lunch do we did subway we drink a bottle of

water instead of drinking that iced tea get through the afternoon have a little more water and

when you get home I have a little bit more water then have a glass of wine or a beer so you're

getting the water into your system and you're starting to hydrate those tissues and before you

know it you're drinking an ample supply of water you're going to feel better those headaches

are going to go away and you're going to have to it will keep you from taking a bunch of ass

from each day to get through the afternoon so drink plenty of water like we're. Next Best Lower Back Stretches - Say Goodbye to the Pain

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