Crohn's Disease Diet: What You Eat Matters!

crohns disease diet

Hi I'm dr. James Meschino diet for Crohn's disease patients how to reduce flare-ups you know during flare-ups of Crohn's disease which is a very serious disorder you have to follow the

strict advice of your specialists and dietitian but you know when you're in those periods of

remission when things have settled down or it's in a very low-grade state the goal is to prevent

 recurring flare-ups and to heal the intestinal tract as best you can now I've covered in a

previous video and in a previous article what supplements Crohn's patients should consider

taking during those periods of remission but there are dietary considerations that are equally as
 important so during the that period of remission what you want to try to accomplish is you

want to suppress the inflammatory response you want to heal the intestinal cells as best you can reduce irritation to those cells and sort of provide optimal nutrition to build your

constitution up so here's how you do that once identified you need to eliminate any food that

you know is a trigger for you and this may mean seeing a food allergist or a naturopath

 holistic medical doctor to look for even if not just food allergies but certain intolerances that

 you might have and keep those things out of your diet I would say consume a low animal fat

diet with the exception of fish because high fatty foods and trans fats and high cholesterol
foods tend to promote the inflammatory state within the body whereas fish has the opposite

effect the Omega threes help to suppress inflammation watch her intake of refined sugars

alcohol should be out of your diet completely and I would think that even reducing dairy

products or eliminating dairy products would be advantageous for most patients with Crohn's

disease as well as possibly moving to a completely gluten-free diet have the grains that don't

have gluten in them or have the lowest amount I think I've seen it help people and if you can

when you have vegetables don't have the raw it's too much roughage you might irritate the the stomach lining you want to steam or cook your vegetables so there's they have less of an

irritant property you also want to avoid foods that are super high in fiber because that

roughage may gray against the intestinal cells and and cause irritation and maybe even trigger

 a flare-up so it's a fine balance in terms of how much fiber a Crohn's patient can have even

when the condition is stabilized and in terms of vegetable oils use olive oil or canola oil to you know to to stir-fry or in a salad dressing or to saute some vegetables as opposed to the

vegetable oils to produce more inflammation like sunflower seed safflower seed corn oil mixed

 vegetable oils you want to avoid those ones and avoid you know pan-fried and deep-fried

 foods because those kinds of fats you're going to get are going to create an inflammatory

response and when it comes to having juices you know they can be very acidic so dilute them

about two-thirds with water and one-third juice so those are the major dietary things that most Crohn's patients should pay attention to remember that they're all they're all some

supplements also factored into the long-term management that you should be aware of and

I've reviewed that in a previous article but you may want to look at on this site but to look at

 all the dietary things we're talking about to see the details of that you should click on the link

 below this video and read the article that I have called Crohn's disease part 2 other etiological
 and nutritional management considerations because it has the details of the dietary plan in

there it's complete with all the scientific references so you know you're getting sound

information from me that's based in really good science so you should really read it now and

have a copy of it because it can be very important in the long-term management of crohn's

 conditions remember that a Moschino health calm you'll also see my other research papers and videos from my live seminars and other resources that I've created they're all there to

help you lead a long healthy functional life and with all my research papers and teaching

 materials you'll see all the scientific references so you know you're getting only sound

scientific information from me and any health topic that you're looking for so you should

make an ongoing reliable resource for health and wellness information for both you and your family members thanks so much . Next Warning Signs of Appendicitis to Watch For

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