Crackling in Ear What is it? And How to Get Rid of It?

Crackling in Ear

Hi good day tinnitus some people call it tinnitus ringing/ crackling of the ear high-pitched

 sounds something that you hear all the time it affects your activities of daily living it affects

your moods it causes depression it actually affects the way you actually do things day after day
because your memory span may be short your attention span may be short but obviously here

is a technique that I'm hoping can make a big change in your underlying condition the most

important thing about this condition is I recommend all of you to make sure you follow up

with proper medical attention to rule out any type of pathological change make sure you get
 clearance from your doctor that is nothing serious the good thing about tinnitus is that most

 of the time it's not serious tinnitus can come from many things although the great news is

that most of these conditions are benign most of the conditions where you see the ear nose

 and throat or other doctors they do all these tests they can't find anything so realize that it

could be circulation it could be irritation to the nerve endings nutrition stress side effects from medication and the list goes on and on and on so I'm excited for you that I hope that this

technique that I'm going to show you can make a big change for your health and hopefully will

make a big change in your attitude and the happiness of life that hopefully you're going to

experience again I'm going to show you how to perform this particular technique take your

hands put it over your ears when they're over your ears I want you to take the middle finger
of both hands and point it towards each other inwards and feel where the neck meets the

bottom of the skull you're going to go just above the bottom of the skull onto the skull on the

 bottom base of the skull and point those middle fingers together now you're going to take this

index finger that I'm shaking and I want you to put it on top of the middle fingers you're

going to snap the index fingers off of the middle finger on to the base of the skull rapidly like

this and you're going to stimulate that about 50 to 75 times back and forth and you're going to

 continue to stimulate it as the index fingers are going back on to the middle finger and off the

 middle finger as it stimulates and causes a percussion or compression against the base of the skull now as you do that you're just going to feel a lot of tapping and continue to do that

maneuver after 50 to 75 times give or take within those numbers you can relax and that is

how to perform that technique now that technique can be done several times a day as often as

you like there is no harm doing that technique particularly that you're not causing any pain

for those that need to do it more repetitively do it for those that don't don't the most

important thing is that if you can stimulate these particular nerves that are affecting the inner
error as well as the middle ear and you can reduce that particular noise that's causing you a lot

 of disturbances and affecting you to perform your normal activities of daily living and is

 actually affecting your happiness then do that technique as often as you like I hope this

makes a big change for you and helps turn your life around in a positive direction share this

video with others I like you to put your comments below and hopefully it will make a positive change in your life make it a great day I'm dr. Alan Mandel. Next Pimple in Nose: How to Get Rid of It and What Causes Nostril Pimples

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