Steps Guide to Clean Your Arteries

Steps Guide to Clean Your Arteries

In today's living well with dr. Sam naturopathic medical doctor Sam Walters founder of wellspring clinic is back to talk to us more about how you can clean your arteries safely and naturally so

 great to see you so what happens when our arteries clogged well due to our lifestyle our diet

and all the other junk that goes through a body we just plug up you know like they took an old

 water pipe in a basement you cut it in two it's been there for 5060 years and the water pipes

clogged up water doesn't flow through there so that raises your blood pressure it creates the

 cardiovascular disease it kills more than 50% of the people that die in this country here's kind

 of an example here's actually a the cross section of a blood vessel that shows it's nice and

clean and normal and here's one it's all plugged up and this is what we see when we do our tests

 and this is what leads to the cardiovascular event and it could be lifestyle it could be what

we're eating it could be a number of things yes it's a lifestyle it's what we're eating you know

cardiovascular disease it wasn't a big a deal around 1900 that it is today because of the trans

fats the sugars the junk some medicines we take and this is hits you personally hard you've lost

some family members yes matter of fact I lost my father and a couple uncles and it turns out

we have something that kind of runs the family genetically this is a common problem that we

 see when the big artery comes up out of the heart it gets down right behind the belly button it

splits so you have a bigger artery down the right leg one down the left leg and rightward splits

 is where that accumulates and that's what causes an aneurysm abdominal aortic aneurysm it's a

 common problem so this is one of the first things we look for when people come in we do

our examination and we have a weight cleaning this stuff out it's phenomenal I was gonna ask

 you about that it's called PTX therapy and what is that and how does it work PTX therapy is

an IV that takes about an hour and 20-30 minutes takes about 20 of them overall and we

learned this in Switzerland they've been doing it for 50 some years and they just reduce the

odds big-time of the heart attacks and stroke and if you ever had stents put in you body and

help keep those clean helps prevent the next ones it'll clean out the arteries for you can walk

and talk and breathe again and so what does the therapy do for our bodies exactly and how is it

 doing it naturally naturally it's it's a natural substance that comes out of soybean and we have

 some special supplement to go along with that called PTX capsules and they literally dissolve

 the the plaque in the body and it gets rid of it it does it in a natural way no side effects no

dangers in it it's very impressive we've done it with thousands of people we just don't have

failures with it and so it's a natural product and it's a pill that you just take and it's kind of like

a roto-rooter for our four arteries if you will just kind of clean some out yes that and one with

 the ivy the ivy is the big gun so what if patients who have clogged arteries or maybe have a

stent in what are they saying about this product are they what what kind of results are they

singing it does it stop the progression what stops the progression and it cleans out what you've

got you know it's a it's an accumulative thing it happens in people time they're 50 they have

 this issue we do some special tests in our office our goal this year is to save 50 people from a

 cardiovascular event so far we've saved 15 so we're hopefully we can retry Grover the first

year it's pretty spectacular wonderful 15 people that you've saved with this pill with this and

along with some Diagnostics - a new type of CT scan that we're putting our patients through

 well so how quick can this has to be done it can be done in a matter of about 30 minutes now

we've had a few of those people we've had to send in and get cracked open and have their

 heart rebuilt we've had some have had to go get stents because they were just too far along but

 those are the ones that definitely want to do our PT X therapy to clean it up so it doesn't

come back and prevent you from having to those new stairs it works with a lot it's

 phenomenal I can imagine I mean when you talk about 50% of the people go back for the

same thing after an angioplasty and possibly could be prevented with a pill it's it's mind-blowing well it's pill it's lifestyles diet and some PTX therapy the IV and the capsule so it's a

combination things that we do and we monitor these people so we can actually see what's

happening we want you to feel better which people do but we want to see that evidence when

 we redo those labs. Next High Blood Pressure Diet: How to Easily Lower Your Blood Pressure?

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