Cardiac Diet - How to Improve Heart Health

cardiac diet

Sri Lata chief clinical nutritionist from max-q hospitals behalf of the hospital I'm going to elaborate about the heart healty

 in India we see there's lots of development which is happening but in terms of health we are

not doing that much as expected when we talk about heart diseases in India it is the number

 one killer for their deaths and diseases is heart so this is very panicky and astonishing that we

ranked first in the world considering the debts regarding the heart what is the risk factors with

 the heart diseases we need to understand so when we talk about the risk factors we have two

risk factors one is the modifiable risk factor the other is the non modifiable risk factor in

modifiable risk factor what we can change it is really easy for us to change things and this risk

 factor can be modified to that extent that person will not land up with heart disease and non-modifiable risk factors is what we cannot change in spite of efforts that could be your age men

 about 45 years are at risk of developing heart diseases and females about 55 are at risk of

heart diseases the age gap for men and women is 10 years because women estrogen levels are

 fair enough so that it acts like a protective mechanism against the heart diseases once they

 cross this menopausal stage these trojan levels Falls and they are also equally prone like men

 for developing heart diseases and again the race or ethnicity like more so the African

Americans and Sadr nations are at risk of having heart diseases and as the ACE progresses the

development of the multiple diseases like you know hypertension diabetes obesity are again

 adding up for the burden of the heart which leads to heart diseases so these cannot be changed

but there are certain things factors which can be modified and we'll be able to avoid the heart

 diseases are your blood pressures now it is we see a lot of high blood pressures in the India so

 from the adulthood till the late age we are seeing very commonly so having blood pressure is

 not an issue but keeping it under control is what is required to keep the blood pressures under

control a person need to adopt a physical activity at least 30 to 60 minutes every day and has

 to take a balanced healthy diet which has a very good fiber which is having very healthy fats

 and very good amounts of potassium and very low amounts of sodium this is called as - tight

Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension so including of whole grains cereals and millets you

 keep changing your cereals and millets for your lunch and dinner and breakfast should be

healthy instead of taking fried items like poori wada budgie and samosa can take some whole

wheat flakes or wheat rotis or full cars or Italy dosa Dehlia anything but instead of taking the

 oil chutneys like you have your ground nut peanut and then incorporate lots of vegetable chutneys and daal chutneys and sambar so that we get good amounts of protein as well as fiber

rather than facts so our elements of fat should not be more than the recommended so we will

be needing around 4 teaspoons of cooking oil per day and what we cannot see with the eyes

 would be around 20 grams per day so both together 40 grams of fat should be ideally

recommended for an adult individual so if we use lots of nuts and oil seeds through our day the

 fat recommendation we will be over doing its aids in weight increment so we should be careful

 in distributing the facts and focus more on nuts and oil seeds like almonds walnuts pistachios

which will help you in giving omega-3 fatty acids and some amounts of protein as well as fiber and trace elements and minerals when coming to dive it is it is another risk factor which will

lead to heart disease the constant increase of blood glucose levels stiffens the arteries and you

know make it vulnerable for depositing of plagues and leads to heart diseases so people

suffering from diabetics will be two to four folds at risk of developing heart diseases so

 especially diabetics should keep their Sugar's under control frequent checking up of their

hba1c levels is most important and targeting less than six point one to five point seven five

point seven is always ideal so frequent checking up of sugar levels is important again the same

 principle holds for diabetes also to have a healthy weight and not having overweight and to

eat moderately limiting the carbohydrates focusing more on their complex carbohydrate using

 adequate proteins and increasing fiber in diet and reducing the unhealthy fats like saturated

fats and reduce the complete cessation of trans fats in diabetics and taking healthy fats and oil

seeds in limited amounts and cutting up on the red meats and focusing more on white meats

and lean cuts and egg can be taken two to three times Kolak preferably a boiled or poached

egg so that you will avoid the excess oil usage so that the patient will not gain more of weight

so for them weight gain is a very bad point so weight should be maintained at a healthy range

and also taking a very good healthy diabetic diet and focusing on physical activity which is

really important to keep the Sugar's under control apart from a blood pressure and diabetes we

 also are facing something which is you know very important in our lifestyle is sleep sleep is something what we are lacking nowadays a sound sleep of six to eight hours is really

important especially when we talk about the people who are working they lack sleep though

 they are more stressed with their lifestyle you know working arts and their traveling time

being more so they lack sleep because of the mental stress when we have lack of sleep we are

 going towards the blood pressures and diabetes with the increasing stress and also this stress

leads in binge eating and again this binge eating is not something what they are eating a

healthy snack they are opting the snacks which are junk food rich in saturated fats rich in

 sugary foods and high oil fried foods so that is leading to again obesity again diabetes and

again blood pressure so sound sleep which is really important to avoid stress stress is such a

thing which is inevitable we cannot avoid stress that is part and parcel only thing is that we

need to manage stress if stress is not managed timely it is leading to depression again depression and heart has a very low connecting type of link but when the person is depressed

 he is lacking the social mobility he is sticking to four walls and you know he again lands up

with alcoholism or smoking or again binge eating which again leads to obesity and this

 depression leads to increase in inflammatory markers like c-reactive protein and this c-reactive protein high levels again predicts for heart diseases so we need to understand that

 nowadays depression is a very common disorder in all modern urban areas so try to take

 proper sleep healthy diet and physical activity physical activity if we have continuous

morning and evening for 30 to 60 minutes that will avoid the stress as well as depression

people who are depressed should take a healthy diet or visit dietitian and take a stipulated

 format and follow that their stress levels will also go down by physical activity and taking a

healthy balanced time and again if we talk about people being very sedentary in urban areas

and also in rural areas most of the people are addicted to transport and minimal walking and

using of electronic gadgets and increased screening time you know watching televisions as well

as laptops for a long time that is making them to become very physically inactive so when we compared the household ladies and working ladies and apart from that other physiological

group also the physical activity has drastically reduced from past two decades so physical

activity is what is really important to avoid heart diseases something like genetics and age

 which cannot be postponed that is offshore but having a very good healthy lifestyle choosing

 a very good balanced type and adopting of physical activity is like a mantra or a goal which is

 going to you know make you free from heart diseases this is offshore so adopting a very good

physical activity it could be a swimming or walking part jogging depending upon the age group

 and their tolerance of physical activity should be adopted children should be physically active

 at least 60 minutes every day that should be 365 days and adults of age more than 50 should

 do walking or brisk walking but to be screened with a physician before they adopt a physical

activity middle aged persons and adults can go with an aggressive activity they can do cycling

 swimming or adopt any sports or jimang anything but should not be given a break for this

physical activity as food is important for us three males for so as is important the exercise we

should do every day thirty to sixty minutes of exercise in all instances especially in certain

canned medical conditions where physical stresses are voided should be under the supervision

of a physician should be done so adopting this physical activity helps you know in developing

 good breathing capacity of the lungs improves the circulation it also reduces the cholesterol

in the body it also reduces the triglycerides in the body it keeps the blood pressures under

control it keeps the sugars under control it also increases the oxygen production in the body

which helps in carrying the blood to various parts of the body so when physical activity is

doing so many good things in a no favors for the human body why should we avoid physical

 activity we should take an oath that every human being on earth should start doing physical

activity of 30 to 60 minutes to protect our heart so heart can be healthy and we can be away

from heart diseases or we can postpone the heart diseases if it runs in our genetics also by

adapting a healthy balanced diet and having a physical activity 365 days we can conquer the

 heart diseases rather we can postpone if it runs in our genetics also we can be Hale and

healthy individual in spite of having genetical risk or having already metabolic disorders or syndromes we can be keeping it in control and lead a healthy happy life thank you. Next High Diastolic Blood Pressure: What is Normal, and How to Get there?

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