Bumps in Back of Throat: What is Strep Throat?

bumps in back of throat

Hi, today I want to talk to you about throat infections we see throat infections very commonly in the office and there are two different varieties there are bacterial throat

 infections and there are viral throat infections the bacteria throat infection is commonly

known as strep throat the viral infection is much more common and has a little bit different

symptoms than this drug so I'll review the symptomology so as soon as the patient comes in

they typically had symptoms of sore throat so we differentiate between strep and viral by
asking a few questions the strep variety typically has fevers body aches sore throat white

 patches in the back of the throat and swollen glands whereas the viral variety typically has

sore throat usually no white patches behind the throat and maybe swollen glands more often

than not no fevers or body aches so there are different treatments depending on which one
the patient has or the strep variety antibiotic prescription along with advil motrin fluids and

rest whereas the viral variety typically the treatment is supportive supportive means advil

motrin rest and fluids unfortunately antibiotics don't work for a viral infection so we don't

prescribe them at the patient as a negative test the test that we do is a rapid strep test it takes

about five minutes and is fairly accurate and allows us to differentiate between the two the strep infections typically affect younger adults and children whereas the viral infections

typically affect everybody who really has no predilection for age both infections are indeed

contagious they can be transmitted easily by contact typically in strep once you're on

antibiotics for 24 hours you are no longer contagious where the viral variety you are

contagious for as long as you have symptoms so if you have a sore throat and want to get

checked out and evaluated and possibly tested feel free to drop by Doctors Express or stop by

 your primary this has been a doctor's express medical minute doctor's express Urgent Care

has locations throughout New Jersey New York Connecticut and Massachusetts for locations near you visit doctors Express calm. Next Fluid in Ear: Is it Serious? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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