Anemic Symptoms: Are you Anemic or Not?

Anemic Symptoms

Hello guys, in this article we're going to talk about anemia with the body anemia where the red blood cell the hemoglobin is diseased that's not able to have enough oxygen inside the red blood cell

and then the red blood cell can't deliver the oxygen to the tissues whether it's the brain the nerve all tissues of the body

excuse me when the hemoglobin is not at normal levels between the twelve and a fifteen the body can't get oxygen and the tissues break down and we have malfunction

so I got to examine a man who's in his 90s and he's got anemia he's been on iron multiple vitamins and medications he's already had a TI a more than one occasion

and you know what's interesting about him looking at his blood test is his iron levels are perfectly normal his iron is normal his B vitamins are normal

and the doctors can't figure out why he's anemic so there's nothing called for him from their standpoint maybe a blood transfusion he doesn't want that

so I'm going to share with you my findings here in this video of what I discovered in my recent examination with him

and then as we go through treatment we're going to as we see the improvement with his hemoglobin on the blood tests I'll be reporting back to you on letting you see the before and after of his blood tests

 so that you can see the proof of this kind of work that I offer this very unique work

I offer in his hemoglobin my examination showed that he's got food additives and preservatives these are poisonous

chemicals like DHT preservative that's in certain cereals like MSG it is a neurotoxic substance these are in his hemoglobin

I found a mercury compound in his hemoglobin I found vaccinations in his hemoglobin affecting the hemoglobin is robbing its ability to function the way it's supposed to

I found parasitic flukes affecting that hemoglobin robbing its ability to function normally I found multiple parasitic infections

in there robbing the hemoglobins ability of functioning normally I found multiple high levels of multiple molds

and fungus in his hemoglobin robbing the hemoglobins ability of functioning normally

 I found antibiotic residues inside the hemoglobin inside the red blood cell robbing the hemoglobins ability from functioning normally causing an anemia pattern

to show in a blood test and it's not caused by a B vitamin deficiency and it's not caused by an iron deficiency they're normal

on his blood cast multiple iatrogenic chemicals cancer-causing chemicals that are found like pesticides and fluoride from tooth Basin

and there's a number of things birth control pills that could be in the water from from from from just things that are dumped

into the water supply in jet fuel that's falling out of the sky these are poisons that get into the food supply they get

in the water supply I find multiple iatrogenic chemicals in his hemoglobin I found an infection from the mouth and he's missing most of his teeth not all of them

but most of them infection from the mouth in the hemoglobin virus is affecting his hemoglobin

and the lime a very low low low level of the Lyme infection called Borrelia burgdorferi that bacteria is also inside the red blood cell robbing the hemoglobins ability

 to have normal oxygen levels and bring normal oxygen to tissues

so would a person's skin appear more pale when they don't have an oxygen enough oxygen to tissue

yes when they're anemic would a person be weaker when they don't have enough hemoglobin high enough hemoglobin levels

yes well the person's brain function normally when there is anemia the brain can't function normally the thyroid can function normally none of the systems can function normally when this is going on poisons

and affections inside the hemoglobin robbing the hemoglobins ability to function normally we're going to see this man we're going

 to see him looking younger feeling younger acting younger no doubt when we clean these out of his tissues

so how are we going to do this like cures like there is a way that I can actually make copies into remedies make copies of these different infections and toxins

and deliver him these gentle remedies where it will go directed to the hemoglobin of the blood cell and pull those infections

and toxins out of there and allow his body to start to recuperate and heal itself his body will do the job his body

 is going to heal itself no medicine is doing this for him we're going to get the job done I'm going

to help him get the job done there were also some boosting remedies of the hemoglobin that's really going to help him help himself get a jump start

 to that hemoglobin and start to repair itself now might be a bit too much for this discussion

maybe we have to go into a little bit greater detail to help you understand some people are ready

to jump on this and understand and ready to make a change in their life others are going to doubt others are going to live

in a world of disbelief and a world of not understanding the properties of physics and how how energies of all things on this planet all matter is energy

and how we can actually use the sample of the tissue to help the body heal itself and that's what's going to take place rev

so for those of you who are willing to listen to this type of information and get the message that

I'm sharing with you there is a very unique way to help your body heal itself there is a very unique way that you can actually repair damaged tissues

and I'm here to help you do that

so I will report back in video form when I see him progress with this care we are integrating this with his medical practitioners

because he's on blood pressure medication he's on blood thinner he's he's on different meds and it's really important

because the work that I'm offering him is very powerful and directed for four specific things at this point of the care program for him directed to his blood stream

and since he's on blood pressure medication of blood thinners we've got to make sure that is that as we fix the problems inside his his blood stream

and his blood vessels that the blood pressure medication doesn't make it his blood pressure drop too low because when that happens

if that would happen we're at great risk of having a serious a serious situation developing so I've got to integrate my work with his medical practitioner that's that way

if there is some strange development or loss of energy with him and his blood pressure starts to drop we need to have those doctors there ready to start using

blood test analysis and using their their ability to start managing him with with decreasing the blood pressure medication

and I expect his blood pressure medication to be decreased if even poorly eliminated with this work

 so thank you for reading this article share this with a friend share this with just one friend. You can see about Occipital Neuralgia Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options Available

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